JMBC has a proven track-record in procurement issues, having delivered on over 100 procurement projects in the recent past. In all these projects, we exceeded our clients’ expectations by sourcing high quality products and commodities at the lowest possible prices; while at the same time adhering to international procurement standards and regulations 


 The company understands that there is more to warehousing than just providing a storage area. It is fully capable of implementing the client’s needs, including having custom designs for racking schemes and retrieval procedures for easy access as well as temperature and humidity control for specialized products.  

Transportation and Distribution

 We have access to a fleet of trucks and experienced drivers who can take your products and commodities from point A to point B and beyond. In addition, we assist our clients in the distribution of the same in the most effective and efficient manner possible. We are experienced in quickly setting up an effective distribution system that can reach the end-users in a timely manner and on agreed schedules 

Borehole Drilling

 To help address the acute shortage of clean, drinkable water in the region, we work with a number of third party contractors who are fully experienced in drilling wells and constructing boreholes and pans that fulfill sanitation and hygiene requirements. 

Engineering and Construction

 The company has a long track record in building and rehabilitating community centers, schools, and hospitals. We are also fully capable to undertake civil engineering works, including building roads, bridges, canals and others. We have experienced design and construction engineers as well as project architects who will assist you throughout the construction process. 

Other Logistics

 Other Logistics